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We empower your platform to support the long-term success of your investment customers.

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What do we offer?

A cutting edge API that seamlessly helps investors and traders to discover new investment ideas and build better investment portfolios to enhance performance and manage risk.

Factor Portfolios
Help your customers beat the market by replicating systematic investment strategies backed by Nobel prize academic research.
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Alpha Portfolios
Enable you customers to discover quantitative investment signals developed by Hedge funds for better portfolio performance.
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A.I. Portfolios
Empower you clients with machine learning to discover which stocks can potentially generate outstanding returns and why.
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What we can do for your business?
Launch in less than 60 days
  • Full API documentation.
  • Detailed workflow and product example.
  • Dedicated development team.
Generate more revenues
  • Leverage your customers through a premium subscription.
  • Generate more transactions through our systematic strategies.
ActivFactor Partners with Companies of all Sizes

Offer your customers unique investment products using our state of the art platform.

Banks, Brokerage and pension plans

Established financial businesses that want to build new digital investment or retirement products.

Fintechs & Startups

Robo-advisors who want to diversify their product offering.

Global Businesses

Companies with customers from over 140 countries looking to give their customers access to the Stock Markets.

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